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Modelling Network is a multi-talent platform, this means we are the first step for many models and TV and film extras. We have helped more models take their first step in the modelling industry than any of the UK’s leading modelling agencies, having launched over 10X more models than the top three modelling agencies. We work as part of a modelling HUB, this allows us to work with 4 of our sister companies to ensure the guidance we give you is up-to-date, correct and provided in a way that will help you succeed. We have links across all areas of the industry including Commercial, Catalogue and TV & Film extra work, as one of the leading UK platforms we have the skills and expertise to give you the competitive edge you will need to make it as a top model.


GT- Models does not charge you to apply in-fact we discourage models from paying joining fees. This is one of the reasons we believe a modelling platform to be a better way to launch your career rather than a direct agency, simply because you have more exposure. We actively recommend many modelling platforms such as UK Models, Luxe Models, Six Models and COCO models all of whom are separate companies to ourself and in fact are our “worthy competitors”. The one thing we and these companies all agree and work towards is helping models succeed and live their dreams. Unlike other companies GT Models doesn’t charge any fees or commission to new models. Send an application to our New Faces department and see if you have what it takes. (All of the companies mentioned are great modelling platforms, we just believe we are better).

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High Fashion

High Fashion is for the select few. Most new models will start out working in commercial or catalogue modelling. To work in High Fashion you must meet the exact standards the brand or client is looking for, as your look will become synonymous with the brand itself and its target market . Undoubtedly,  High Fashion does pay a lot of money, however the amount of work is limited. Models in this field tend to be small fish in a big pond. Ideally, you want to be able to do four types of modelling to maximise your exposure and get you the most amount of work as possible.

Catwalk Shows

To be a Catwalk model you need to be tall, unique, confident and glamorous all in one go! This area of modelling can make models hundred of thousands of pounds or dollars depending on where you work. However, please remember this is less than 5% of the industry, most modelling jobs are nothing like this. If you want to understand what modelling is really like we urge you to think and look at areas such as Catalogue, High Street Fashion and Commercial modelling. Crack them first and then look towards Catwalk modelling if you still want that.

Commercial Modelling

Commercial modelling is by far the most accessible and lucrative type of modelling, even though most people have no idea what it is! To put it simply,it’s the brands you know and love and stuff you see every day from fishing magazines, knitting magazines, brochures, leaflets in your local doctor’s surgery, bill boards, store front displays, catalogues etc. The best way to think about commercial modelling is this; all companies want to get their brand seen and how they do that is by selling their products with pictures of people on it.

Fitness Modelling

Fitness modelling is even harder to crack than Catwalk or high fashion, as not only do you need to be tall you have to be fit and follow a strict diet. There is always lots of work for fitness models and they often get more international jobs than mainstream fashion models.

Before you apply you must be sure you are in peak condition. If a fitness agency wants to see you, you need to be ready to get in front of a camera. If you are someone that loves fitness and are in peak physical condition then this area of the industry could be for you.


Plus Size Models

Plus Size Modelling is officially the gold mine of the modelling industry. In the modern era we are seeing more and more fashion houses move away from unattainable shapes of models and make clothes for real people. Once they have made clothes they need real models! The volume of plus size modelling jobs far exceeds the amount of plus size models currently in the industry.

So if you are a plus size model with confidence and the desire to make a difference we want to hear from you.

Child Modelling

Child modelling is for children between 3-14 years of age. A few things we insist on all parents knowing is we will only be interested if your child is happy in front of the camera. We will not take on children with pushy parents. Your child should love being the centre of attention and want to do this! Please do not contact us if you want to do this for any reason other than the pleasure your child will get from it. Facts and figures for child models: Requirements are pretty impossible to define here things like weight, size and height are much more variable and what agencies look for above all else is a confident, happy and compatible child! Most child models do TV and Film extra work also simply because its good expose and children who enjoy modelling normally enjoy the TV & Film set environment. All money paid to the model is sent to the parents minus any agency commission.

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Child Model Requirements

Models Aged between –  3 years – 14 years

Most likely to get jobs in – Commercial/Catalogue

How much do agencies pay –  £400-£900 per job

How do I apply – Only via email we will not accept application for anyone under 18 with via phone

Male and Female Modelling

Models Aged between –  18 – 45 years

Most likely to get jobs in – High Street Fashion / Catalogue / Commercial

How much do agencies pay –  £700-£1800  per day

How do I apply – Please submit two recent images no more than 1-year-old.

Mature Models

Models Aged between –  46 years – 70 years

Most likely to get jobs in – Catalogue / Commercial / TV & Film

How much do agencies pay –  £700-£1800  per day

How do I apply – Please submit one recent image